Treating Sports Injuries

Diagnosing and Treating Back, Neck and Joint Pain

Colorado has four of the 30 most active cities in the country. But with all of that activity comes the occasional ache and the occasional injury.

Colorado Sports Injuries Treatment

Our state offers world-class hiking, skiing, climbing, running, and golfing set against breathtaking backdrops.Sports injuries not only present a short-term risk to your favorite activity, but can also leave you open to long term, lingering effects. What happens when your outdoor pass-time gets sidelined due to an injury?

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    Popular Colorado Sports Injuries and how to Prevent Them

    Ski/Snowboard Injuries

    • Falling can jar and twist your Spine
    • Moguls create pressure on your lumbar spine
    • Self-correcting during a fall causes torsion


    • Proper training and leg strength will help keep you on your feet.
    • Finish an easy warmup run before doing anything difficult.


    • A full golf swing rotates your spine, which can lead to injuries
    • Carrying the golf bag improperly can put stress on your back


    • Perfect your form using an instructor or guides
    • Stretch and warm-up for strength and flexibility


    • Impact from running compresses joints and discs
    • Poor form can cause imbalances that hurt the back


    • Wear shoes designed to correct your gait
    • Minimize “bouncing” during your run
    • Run on softer surfaces – trail, padded track, treadmill.


    • Back posture while riding can cause spine strain.
    • Neck arching to look forward can cause neck pain.
    • Rough terrain can jar and compress the spine.


    • Make sure your bike is properly adjusted to your height and riding style
    • Warm up and stretch before long rides
    • Use shock-absorbing bike accessories


    • Hiking pack weight can cause spine compression
    • Slips and falls can cause torsion injuries
    • Leaning forward puts stress on your back


    • Use hip strap to shift the weight of the pack to your hips
    • Use trekking poles for balance and stability
    • Lower the weight of your pack to take stress off your spine.

    How Can Sports Injury be Treated?

    Your physician will help determine the root cause of your pain and determine a treatment path, which may include:

    Trigger Point Injection
    Physical Therapy
    Epidural Steroid Injection