Neck Pain Therapy & Exercise for Long-Term Spine Health

Neck pain is very common, accounting for a large percentage of the cases we see at SpineOne. But most neck pain is not caused by serious disease or disorder. Neck pain is often caused by what we call  “mechanical pain”– this is when joint and muscle problems result in neck pain. So how can neck pain therapy treat, or even prevent, the pain from coming back once treated? SpineOne uses a combination of manual therapy and exercise coaching to help patients achieve pain relief and normal range of motion.

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    How do Rehab and Exercise help Neck Pain?

    The SpineOne therapist will focus on improving the neck’s strength and flexibility. The exercises we teach achieve this by working the neck and surrounding muscles, gradually increasing the workload each time. With a consistent routine, these exercises increase the strength of the supporting muscles and can correct structural irregularities in your cervical spine.

    SpineOne’s Rehab Center Empowers You to Maintain a Pain-Free Life

    You and your therapist will act as a team to be effective in as short a time as possible. Treatment that you can perform five or six times a day is more likely to be effective in a shorter period of time. The emphasis is on you, the patient, being actively involved. The therapists at SpineOne Rehab can help rebuild strength and mobility in your neck. Continued strength and mobility usually requires continuing some type of maintenance program at home. The exercise coaches at SpineOne will show you simple and effective home exercise for neck pain relief.

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