Physical Therapy for Long-Term Spine Health

SpineOne is a comprehensive spine care center. What does that mean? It means we’re here to help you get out of debilitating pain. We’re here to remove obstacles between you and a pain-free life by providing same-day appointments and on-site imaging. And it also means we’re invested in keeping your spine healthy once you’re out of pain. The rehab and physical therapy center at SpineOne is where we help patients learn some of the changes they can make to their posture and habits to be proactive about their own spine health. The therapists at SpineOne help you develop good habits and resume normal activities while minimizing the chance your pain will return.

SpineOne’s physicians and physical therapists work together closely to find the best path to reducing your pain. Our healthcare professionals collaborate and discover the exact source of your pain, as well as what could have caused or worsened it, such as poor posture, imperfect form in sports, or even congenital or chronic conditions that may benefit from treatment.

SpineOne offers a path to clear and reliable treatment of back and neck pain, free from excessive therapy, expensive ongoing treatment, and even invasive surgery. Our therapists specialize in The McKenzie Method — a comprehensive, evidence-based system of examination, evaluation, diagnosis, prognosis, intervention and prevention strategies aimed at patient education and independence — for treatment of back and neck pain, and can help guide you through these movements and exercise plans.

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Functional movements to diagnose and treat spine pain.

back pain physical therapy

Patient-focused back pain treatment for long-term relief.

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Improve range of motion and muscle strength for recovery and wellness.

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