Personalized Exercise Programs
for Personalized Care

SpineOne Rehab specializes in using functional movement and exercise to improve overall spine health and relieve long-term pain. Our therapists are experienced at treating pain, tightness, numbness, weakness and tingling in the neck, back, arms and legs. Your physical therapist will work with you to determine your goals and design a treatment program specific to your condition and goals.

Same Day Appointments

Why Do I Need a Personalized Exercise Program?

Physical therapy and rehab are more than just a series of exercises to help you recover from injury and surgery. An ongoing exercise program will help you keep the flexibility, strength, and balance that you worked to achieve.

Your muscles need to be continually challenged for it to maintain their strength. Our personalized exercise programs help prevent recurring pain and an avoidable need for further treatment and therapy. We want to ensure that you know exactly how to do your home exercises and feel as comfortable on your own as you do at the clinic.

SpineOne physical therapists are highly skilled in assessing movement and help coach our patients through basic movements and exercises that help patients move better with less pain through skilled manual therapy, therapeutic exercise, and education.