Do I Need a Chiropractor or a Spine Specialist?

Denver residents experiencing back and neck pain come to us for relief. In some cases other treatments, such as chiropractic adjustment, haven’t provided full relief. But this doesn’t mean chiropractic treatments are ineffective. In reality, the treatments offered at SpineOne enhance chiropractic care, rather than replace it. SpineOne works closely with many local chiropractors to provide comprehensive back and neck pain relief.

What’s the Difference Between Chiropractic Adjustment and Minimally Invasive Pain Relief?

Chiropractic adjustment is a method of correcting anatomical irregularities in the spine. The adjustments return the spine to (or closer to) its natural structure, which reduces muscle tension, nerve compression, and pain. But some injuries irritate and inflame the spine and surrounding structures so much that chiropractic adjustment is either too painful or has minimal benefit.

The minimally-invasive treatments at SpineOne address these irritations and inflammation at the source of the injury, often relieving the debilitating pain and allowing chiropractic care to address mechanical issues in ways that might otherwise exacerbate the pain. This multi-modal approach to pain relief offers more effective and longer lasting relief than either treatment would give on its own.

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    How do Spine Specialists & Chiropractors Work Together?

    Interventional pain management, chiropractic care, and physical therapy comprise a continuum of care sometimes called Conservative Pain Management. Rather than choosing one avenue of treatment and hoping for results, the most effective relief often comes from a combined effort from multiple disciplines. Interventional pain management can address acute and debilitating pain, but the relief can sometimes be temporary, especially if the underlying mechanical issue, injury, or structural anomaly goes untreated.

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      Not Just Pain Relief, But Long-Term Spine Health

      Rather than trying one approach and hoping for the best, SpineOne’s doctors recommend an ongoing plan of therapy and adjustment to complement our pain management therapies. These therapies and treatments all work together to provide alternatives to invasive surgery, and paths to pain relief that don’t rely on habit-forming medication.

      As an example, a chiropractic adjustment after receiving an Epidural Steroid Injection is not only safe but is likely to be beneficial. After the inflammation and irritation is reduced by the injection, a chiropractic adjustment may relieve the original disc compression and increase the joint flexibility and spinal strength. An ongoing plan of physical therapy and exercise coaching can then enhance the strength and stability of the surrounding muscles, making the original pain far less likely to return.