Meet the SpineOne Patient Care Team

As part of our Patient Care Team, Woodrow Hill specializes in diagnosing  and developing treatment plans for chronic and acute back, neck, and joint pain resulting from many causes, including sports injuries, auto accidents, spinal disorders, and workplace injuries. SpineOne’s treatment plans often include a combination of minimally-invasive pain management procedures to relieve debilitating pain and allow patients to resume their normal activities or participate in a physical therapy program to correct posture and structural abnormalities. 

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Woodrow Hill

Woodrow Hill, NP, DC

Woodrow is board certified nurse practitioner and licensed chiropractor. He practiced as a chiropractor for 6 years focusing on conservative, non-surgical spine care before returning to school to become a nurse practitioner. He went to chiropractic school at Logan College in Chesterfield, MO graduating magna cum laude. He went to nursing school at University of Colorado Denver and UC-Colorado Springs graduating magna cum laude.

Back pain strikes whether you’re ready for it or not. So why wait for a cycle of referrals and traveling around town to specialist appointments and imaging centers before you can get relief? Call SpineOne today and inquire about our same-day appointments , advanced imaging on site, physical therapy, and a modern ambulatory surgery center. SpineOne has everything needed to examine, diagnose, and treat back, neck, and joint pain quickly.